I was born in New Jersey, lived in Arizona for over 40 years, and then moved to Northern California. Art has always been an integral part of my life. I grew up within an hour’s drive of Manhattan, and thus spent a good deal of my formative years in the museums of New York City.

My educational studies at Arizona State University focused on education and fiber arts. As a working artist and weaver, I sold works to many individuals and corporations around the country. As a partner and director of Construct Gallery in Phoenix, I represented, exhibited, and sold one-of-a-kind and limited-edition furniture and sculpture. And as the developer of an art/design business called ARTicipate Design Concepts, I built furniture and interactive sculptures for hospitals and medical facilities around the country. 

I was an art educator for over 20 years, teaching visual art both in the Scottsdale Unified School District and as an Adjunct Faculty at Scottsdale Community College. I continued to work in my studio during all the years I taught school.

Travel and art are integral aspects of my life. My husband and I have traveled to numerous places around the world, including: Peru, Japan, Bali, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Ghana, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, and throughout most of Europe. Each country has influenced my art in some way. 

My work is constantly evolving – creating art is an open-ended process that I enjoy doing in my studio or in locations around the world.